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March 6, 2023

How To Create A Budget Binder

It’s happening again. It’s the end of another month, and you aren’t sure why you can make any progress on your monthly financial goals.

Maybe you overspent on a housing project or didn’t account for a last-minute expense, but your budget got blown again.

While many conventional money methods are about spreadsheets and spending apps, that doesn’t work for you. Thus, a paper and pen option like a budget binder could be the tool to unlock your financial success.

What is a budget binder?

A budget binder is a visible way to use a zero-based budgeting system. With a binder, you can see all of your money goals simultaneously while being able to tweak them as necessary.

Think of it as a day planner but for your money.

You can customize it to fit your pay schedule, weekly or monthly bills, and spending. The wonderful thing about a budget binder is that it is made to help YOU and YOUR budget.

It’s also a great way to organize your finances alongside a budget calendar. You can collect bills in real-time as they come in instead of losing them in the back of a drawer.

A budgeting binder also gives you space to save any receipts you may need in the future as well as space to utilize cash envelopes and develop sinking funds. It helps you keep your financial documents in one place and saves time too!

What can you use a budgeting binder for?

You can use a budget binder for many things, and here are some ideas.

Goal setting and tracking

Writing down your goals can increase your chances of achieving them. According to a study by Professor of Psychology Dr. Gail Matthews, participants were 47 percent more likely to achieve their goals because they wrote them down.

With a budgeting binder, you can write out a whole section for goals related to financial goals, such as saving money and paying off debt.