My name is Carter Lane, director of marketing at My Prosper Team. I’ve been in the financial space for over 15 years and enjoy understanding how markets change and adapt.

The best part of my job is helping the advisors excel with the right tools and business platforms. I work to ensure that the advisors offer our clients up to date information, services and communications regarding their accounts and investments.

In my free time I’ve created a Non-profit organization called H.E.L.P which focuses on helping underprivileged teenagers that are homeless and in and out of foster care.I live in South Jordan, UT with my wife and 4 children. I love living in Utah, and I love the outdoors. My mantra is enjoy the journey. 

I'm Ryan Robertson, owner and senior advisor with Prosper Wealth Solutions. I love finance, the markets and am a bit of what you would call a geek. This is my passion!

I have both a bachelors and master of finance from the university of Utah and I've spent almost 20 years dedicating my life to helping families, individuals and businesses make the right financial decisions for their future. Stock, bond, realestate, options, self-directed iras, solo 201K... you name it. I use it and understand it.

With My Prosper Team I've built a company that focuses on allowing my friends and clients every opportunity to invest where, how and the way they want. My team and I can tailor a strategy that works with your goals to accomplish what is most important to you.

your future.
your legacy.
your financial journey!
Innovative Wealth Solutions for Your Financial Needs.

Full suite of financial services.
Innovative strategies.
Unrivaled expertise.

Unlike the average financial advisory group, we don’t peddle commission-based products with the intention to “set it and forget it.” Highly accountable, highly engaged, and experienced fiduciaries, we pull from the potential and possibilities of the entire financial universe to design investment and retirement strategies that work for you.

Our team of investment advisor representatives have more than 30 years combined experience in all aspects of of the markets, real estate, insurance, and alternative platforms to ensure that we provide you with so many opportunities to invest how, when, and where you want.

Let us help you unfold a world of investment possibilities!

Among the many specialties that set us apart are the Self-directed IRA and SOLO 401K. These offerings allow for additional tax planning and investment opportunities outside of the typical planning firm. 

At My Prosper Team we put our expertise, experience and access to supportive technology to work for you. We also look for ways costs you may incur with other self-directed companies. Additionally, we are able to pair your self-directed account with traditional investment opportunities so you have more opportunity to put your cash to work how, where and when you want; not just sitting in cash. 

In short, our highest priority is giving you more options with your investments. 

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What Sets Us Apart
My Prosper Team
The Other Guys
Unparalleled Flexibility
Portfolio diversity provides a powerful set of tools to respond to changing market conditions. Investors can take advantage of a broader array of investment opportunities--from traditional equities to physical real estate.
Limited Portfolio Diversity
Fit-in-the-box  and ridgid investment options that result in limited portfolio diversity and ability to respond to changing markets. Investors miss out on significant opportunities outside of the fixed set of tools the firm offers.
Frequent Portfolio Review & Education
Our highly-engaged team educates investors each step of the way, presenting options that may not have been offered to before. We strive to help our investors feel more confident about their future.
Negligible Education
Set-it-and-forget-it management options with negligible education and very limited investment options. Investors are left in the dark.
Active Portfolio Management
Truly active portfolio management that responds to changing markets with algorithms and tools to make quick and decisive changes--in an effort to minimize your losses and maximize your returns. Services that may not have been provided to you in the past.
Passive Portfolio Management
Infrequent changes to investment portfolio with rigid allocation of funds resulting in significant losses when markets fall. Tools and services designed for the masses.
Low-cost Self-directed Options
Self-directed investment tools and services provided at a reduced cost in days, not weeks. Simply put, our efforts are to try and reduce your self-directed costs and get you investing. 
Expensive Self-directed Options
Flexible portfolio management options, but at a high cost. Investors pay anywhere from hundreds to THOUSANDS each year giving more of their hard-earned returns to the custodial firms.
Endless potential.
Infinite possibilities.
Just one team.
Ty Hansen, MSF
Founder, CEO, Senior Investment Advisor Representative
Ryan Robertson
Owner, Senior Investment Advisor Representative
Rick Anderton
Investment Advisor Representative
Alison Bartholomew
Director of Operations
Emma Dickey
Director of Client Relations & Marketing
KatieLynn Wood
VP of Sales and Marketing

While we specialize in financial recommendations, products, and analyses, you specialize in your unique goals and dreams. Allow us to pair our financial expertise with your plan to achieve more.

Whether you want to use your Solo 401k to invest in real estate, set up a low-risk annuity, or both, our team has the experience to work creatively and proactively with you to build wealth, retire well, and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

From real estate to alternative strategies and everything in between, how can your money work for you?
How much money will you need to live the life you want and how can you get there – starting now?
Do you have the right type of insurance with the right amount of coverage to insure your family’s future?
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If you’re a high-net worth individual looking to do more with your money than put it in a generic set of mutual funds, you deserve to work with a team that is as passionate about your finances as you are. Choose My Prosper Team to build the future you’ve worked hard for!

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